Why People Fail At Network Marketing Or Internet Marketing

Network marketing and Internet marketing have something in common that causes people to fail at them:

Not enough leads

Network marketers run out of people to talk to after their warm market and Internet marketers frequently have no traffic to their offers.  The solution to both is the same.  It’s called a:

Funded Proposal

What that means is that you initially sell a product or service your target market wants and then, once you have them as a customer you build a relationship of trust with them and then you can offer them your other products and services.  Since, something like 99% of all network marketers and Internet marketers are failing or not making much money, there’s a big market.

So, how do you find out what they want?  Where do you get that product?  And, how do you sell it to them?

We’ve done the research, found out the keywords people are searching for, and created the product to sell them.  On top of that we have complete marketing funnels so that once someone enters your funnel, the system takes them along the process until they buy.  To check it out go to:


put in your email and then watch the video that comes up.  Let me know if you have any questions about the system.




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