Webinar Invite – “How To Start A Restaurant Meal Delivery Business For Under $20K”

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If you have ever thought about getting into either the food delivery or restaurant business, you might like to hop on this webinar about how to start a restaurant meal delivery business for much less cost than buying a franchise.  Here’s the link:

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The webinar is about a client of mine, Dine-In Delivery, and how their “license” model allows people to get into the restaurant meal delivery (RDS) business for less than $20K, as compared to the $100K + cost of opening a franchise.

Another huge difference is that franchises charge a royalty on your sales and a national advertising royalty that in this industry add up to 8 – 10% of your sales.

Dine-In Delivery charges no sales royalty or national ad fund.

So, this is one reason I like them as a client!  I’d rather sell something for $20K when my competitors are at $100K + for the same thing and then offer a 0% sales royalty vs an 8 – 10% royalty.

This is all possible by being a license instead of a franchise.

If you have a business you are thinking about franchising, consider using the licensing model instead – much less expensive for you and your customers.  Watch the webinar and give me a call if you’d like to use this model for your own business . . .

or, of course, call if you like the idea of opening a RDS business in your area!




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