Tips For Finding The Best Reps

If you want to sell your product to major retailers, you may need to find a good rep.

Since every rep will tell you they can sell anything to anyone – they are sales people after all – how do you know who to believe?

In short, don’t believe any of them!

Here’s how to figure out who to use yourself.

The best way is to have the buyer at a major chain tell you who they recommend but most buyers will not tell you that due to company policy. Your next best is to find out who is selling to them now.

So, how do you do that?

Go into their stores and look in the department the category buyer you are targeting has the responsibility for.

Now, you want to find products already in their stores that are in the same department but not directly competitive with you.

Contact those companies as though you were a retailer and request their catalog and local rep info. The manufacturers will gladly send you this info as they want to make a sale.

Then, approach the rep firm to represent your line!

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