From People Helped Get Into The
Promotional Products Industry
“I’ve had a screen-printing business for 10 years. Because I had heard a lot about how “hot” promotional products were, I’d always wanted to add them to my offerings, but didn’t know how — nor did I want to make a big investment. Seven months ago, I bought Joe McVoy’s promotional products Distributor Program for a tiny fraction of what it would have cost me to get a new profit center started. I simply followed exactly what Joe told me to do, and I landed a major client — one of the largest delivery services in the world — and am now filling their promotional product orders every month. I’m now earning a 6-figure income after only 7 months, and I’ve just closed down my screen-printing business to concentrate on promotional products full-time. Joe’s Distributor Program really works!”

Joe Ferraro
Boston, MA

Thanks to your program and suggestions, I have gotten my business off the ground and moving faster than I had ever dreamed. I expect to do anywhere between $250,000 and $500,000 in my first year. I have gained knowledge in areas at an incredible speed thanks to all your tips that saved me countless hours of aggravation. I wanted to thank you and let you know your program was paid off with my first order and I have never regretted a moment of it. I would recommend your program to anyone. Thanks,

Marc DiFrancesco
Paradigm Graphic Solutions

“Within 2 weeks of receiving your program, one of my clients asked me if I knew where to find custom-printed 4-color mouse pads. With less than 1/2 hour of time spent calling the manufacturers in the directory, I was able to secure a price that pleased the client and made me a tidy profit of $3,750!”

Tom Scott
Pompano Beach, FL

“Before receiving your program I felt stifled, and not able to give my customers the choice of products they wanted. Now, I have access to thousands of manufacturers and thousands upon thousands of products! I received your program on a Wednesday, Thursday I sent a fax to Aakron Rule Corp requesting their catalog. Monday I received their catalog. Tuesday night I got an order for 2,500 rulers and he needed them by Sunday for a trade show. Wednesday I called Aakron with the rush 1-day service order. Friday my customer received his rulers. Without you not only couldn’t I have provided my customer with such good service, but I wouldn’t have made the $400 I did. Thank you!”

Richard Kligman
Lahav Advertising Specialties

“Our business is 10 years old. We have wasted 100’s of hours sourcing items. Your directory has been in use every day since we got it. We have already made 3 sales with it in the first week!”

Morton Stone
Great Impressions

“Before we saw your ad we didn’t know where to begin! Your program was a huge factor in our setting up our distributorship. It helped us start up much faster than expected, with greater efficiency and we’re enjoying the fabulous discounts allowed by going direct. In fact, we can say you’ve increased our business by 25 – 50%. That’s respectable in any business!”

Scott Williamson
Antigo Area Shoppers Guide

“We are not even officially opened yet and have secured 6 orders totaling over $4,000! We also have a shirt order pending that will amount to $10,000. This is an excellent opportunity!”

Doug Lougherty
Business Advertising Concepts

“By the way, if you need a testimonial…Your program has been worth every dime I paid for it. I made my money back the first week. Not many services of any kind can say that!”

Lynn Kirkland
Warrenville, SC

“Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with PPC. After receiving your directory, I sold 2 orders that more than paid for the program. As a matter of fact, I more than doubled my commissions from what I would have made with the distributor I have been using over the past 10 years!”

D.P. Patterson
Sooner Advertising Specialties

“Great news. I have been accepted as an official ASI distributor! THANK YOU for helping me make the supplier contacts I needed to meet the criteria for approval. Thanks again for your help. I had well over $10,000 in sales since I received your start up package!”

Kevin Fleming
Kevin Fleming Enterprises

“As a person who has already purchased your program, I owe most of my success to you and PPC. You gave me all the resources I need to get around that proverbial ASI brick wall. It’s a shame I can’t tell more people about what you do (I don’t need the competition!)”

John Triolo
Sunrise Promotions

“Just a note to let you know I just invoiced my first order as a distributor, $7,500. Thanks to your service I made a tidy profit of $2,500 which is twice what I would have made as a mere salesman. Thanks for your help!”

Bruce McDuffee
Louisville, CO

“Your program is well worth the money spent! In my first week of implementation I got $6,000 of orders!”

Mark Hayes
Louisville, CO

“As a prior dealer working for distributors, I was unable on many occasions to offer on time delivery. As a distributor I can now track orders directly, offer quality service and customer satisfaction. Reorders have doubled!

Additionally, I now have a greater diversity of sources for products. As a distributor I can also negotiate sale prices which increases my opportunities to close the sale. Additionally, the business consultation provided is excellent. Thanks!”

Michael Donato
Lasting Impact Advertising

“We were able to see results from your program within a few weeks. We were able to make a sale on screwdrivers that we would not been able to make without this program because we could not get the price cheap enough through the distributor. Since then we have made other sales and made double what we would have. We are a new business and the profit we were making was not adequate enough for us to stay in business. Now that we are able to go factory direct we can now make a profit from this business.”

Brenda Dye
Oakwood Enterprises

“I’ve owned and operated an ad agency for over 10 years. We always ordered specialty items from distributors which made it hard for us to make a reasonable commission on the items. I tried to find out how to become a distributor but no one seemed to want to help me or they just did not know. Thank you for really helping!”

Pamela Wise
Pamela Wise & Associates

“Our jewelry store has been in the Harrison family 104 years, my husband is the 4th generation jeweler. We are also the oldest jewelers in Idaho. We have had businesses coming to us for years buying service awards and incentives for employees.
Last year I decided to start going to the businesses realizing there is a big market out there. It didn’t take long to discover that jewelry is not the ‘hot’ item for awards that it once was. Our distributorship program enabled me to contact hundreds of companies in the last year for the orders I would have otherwise been unable to contact. I have been able to order many promotional items for the University and other businesses. It has been very beneficial!”

Kay Harrison
Harrison Jewelry

“I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how helpful your online directory has been to me and my new business. I was originally concerned about not being a member of ASI, but I have been able to find every manufacturer I have needed by looking up the line name in your directory. So far I haven’t had a single manufacturer tell me they won’t do business with me because I’m not an ASI member. Money talks and as long as I’m willing to pay up front, they are all willing to do business with me. I have even found many of them very accommodating and nice to work with. Thanks,”

Erin Eberhardt
West Haven, CT

“Again I thank you for the information on getting my own promotional products distributorship started. I have had a few orders so far that have more than paid for the investment in training materials. I am looking forward to increasing my income at least 50% if not more by no longer splitting my commissions and due to the added motivation that high earnings can provide. I especially enjoy being able to deal direct with the suppliers to help my clients better. Again, thanks for all your help!”

Christine Neal
Dyer, IN