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iPhone Holder Demo

Friday, June 21st, 2013

This is the coolest accessory – it’s a iphone holder so you can take self portraits or even videos of yourself without any help. The video below is an iphone holder demo.

Please ignore the grimaces in the video – I just got this and it’s really not that hard to expand and contract the holder. Of course, the first time I ever did it was on this video . . .

Where To Buy This iPhone Holder

I have seen similar iPhone holders for as much as $60 at Amazon.  I found this one, which works just fine, for only $11.98 and that included free shipping!

I got it here.

Once you get to that site, use the search function for the item number – 130919298841. The name of it is the “Handheld Monopod Extendable Extending Telescoping Holder For iPhone”.

iphone holder

So stop taking videos only at your desk or in your office, get out and about and make your videos more interesting. For me, I need every gimmick I can find to not be boring so I plan to use this a lot!

By the way, their phone is 800-398-5163 if you have any problems finding it.