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Rank Better On Google

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

One of the key things you need to do to rank better on Google is to pay
attention to these 4 things:

  1. How long visitors spend on your site
  2. How many pages they view while there
  3. “Bounce Rate”
  4. Speed at which your site loads

Here’s an explanation of each and why it’s important.

Rank Better On Google – Time On Site

Google algorithm that decides how sites get ranked is based on providing a good experience for the searcher.  One way Google measures this is by how long someone stays on your site.  If they arrive and then quickly leave, Google will interpret that as meaning the searcher did not find what they were looking for and therefore rank you lower on that search term.

The solution is obvious – try to provide more content people are looking for at your site.  Another term for this is “engagement”.  One way to help this is to include relevant videos on your site, that will keep them longer.

Rank Better On Google – Page Views

This also directly relates to engagement and is another statistic Google looks at. The more pages a visitor views, the more engaged they are in your content.

Rank Better On Google – Bounce Rate

Your “bounce rate” is a stat Google tracks that measures what percent of your visitors leave your site without viewing any other pages. It relates to the other analytics – they are all trying to measure the same thing really – did the visitor get what they wanted when they went to your site – if they did, you’ll get ranked better, if not, you get ranked lower.

Since the people at Google are so wicked smart, I believe it hopeless to try to trick them – why not just give the visitors what they are looking for and get some “Google Love”?

Rank Better On Google – Site Load Speed

This one is a bit different. It does still relate to the visitor experience but measures it differently. If your site loads too slow, people will give up and leave. People expect your site to load in a couple seconds, and if it doesn’t they are gone. Google knows all – so they know this too.

I just hired a guy on to decrease my image sizes so one of my sites would load faster, and it’s now loading twice as fast as before and the guy did it for me for $5.00.

So, although site load speed depends on many factors, this one is an easy fix. If the fiverr link doesn’t work – who knows how long the people on fiver are available, just search for “WordPress site load speed” or a similar term and you’ll find people who can do it for you.

Google themselves will track this for you if you have the free Google Analytics tool on your site.  Additionally there are many sites to measure site load speed.

A free site load tool I use is at