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How To Make Money On Facebook

Friday, June 21st, 2013

You can learn how to make money on Facebook in only 14 minutes! ¬†Not only is it free to learn, it’s free to do. Not a bad combination and easy to learn as well.

Mike Hobbs, a Facebook expert, let’s you look over shoulder as he does exactly what he’s teaching you so you see exactly how to do it.

Why learn how to make money on Facebook?

Two reasons. One – leads you get from social media convert much better to customers than leads from cold marketing like advertising. The reason why is that people connecting with you on social media know, like and trust you, while cold market advertising produces leads who don’t know you at all.

The next reason is because it’s the simplest online marketing strategy you can do. You may have heard SEO and blogging are free, but that’s not quite true. In order to promote your blog posts so they get seen, you need to use tools to do it. Last I checked, I am paying over $500 per month for those tools.

Not to mention, trying to learn SEO is hard – you are in danger of having your brain explode!

Here’s the link to Mike’s video teaching you how to make money on Facebook:

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