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IMBiz Review

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

imbiz review

This post is an IMBiz review. If you have not yet heard of IMBiz, it is a totally free system designed to help you build a your own list of people wanting to make money online. Then, you can sell them whatever you want.

IMBiz provides you with landing pages, training and even the copy for emails to go into your autoresponder. The list you build from marketing this system is yours to do with as you wish.

To help you make money even if you do not have anything else you want to sell, there are two affiliate programs already built into the system. You will have to sign up for them to get paid by them, but you can get started with each for $45/month and they both pay 100% commissions.

IMBiz Review – Empower Network

Imbiz review - Empower Network

The first program the IMBiz system sells for you is the Empower Network. Empower Network is an affiliate system that pays 100% commissions and has a product line from $25 all the way to $3,500.

The first two products, the $25 and the $100 both pay you that amount every month as long as your member keeps their account active. On top of that, there are one time commissions available of $500, $1,000 and $3,000. Empower handles all the selling, up-selling and other details, all you need to do is bring people into the funnel they provide.

Empower’s product line is all digital, audio and video and is all about teaching you how to sell stuff online. Something a lot of people want to know.

You can get started here for only $45/month.

IMBiz Review – Pure Leverage

Imbiz review - Pure Leverage

The Pure Leverage system is still in pre-launch, so it hasn’t officially even launched yet. It was put together by Joel Therien who is a very well known Internet marketing millionaire.

This system is amazing, it provides an autoresponder system that can replace aweber, getresponse, or others, it also provides a video email service, and lastly an online meeting/webinar system like GoToMeeting.

You can get started here for only $45/month as well.

If you are currently marketing online, you need all those capabilities and an Internet marketing friend of mine told me he will be saving over $200/month by using their service.

That makes it well worth it right there, but they also pay 100% commission for the first month and 50% after that. What’s not to like?