Stop – Thief!

stop thief

You can get into big trouble for stealing content online.

One of the guys on our team just got a cease and desist order from Craig’s list and had to pay a lawyer $5,000 to deal with it!

And, if I know lawyers, that’s just a down payment on their next car . . .

If you’d like to make money online, and if you join our team, not only will we show you where to get images and content you can use without being hassled by lawyers, we will give you access to all the content we create for you to copy at will! ! !

How cool is that – permission to steal!

I know from where I speak – I grabbed the domain of one of my competitors a number of years back, and they sicked their lawyers on me.

Stupid of them not to register their own name as a URL, but they got mad at me because I did so I had to give it to them.

Needless to say, they don’t like me much.

That said, lock arms with us and make money online with our team here!

The key to making money online is to model other people doing what you want to do today, in today’s environment.

That’s what we do for our team – keep them up to date on what is working right now, not what worked a year or two ago . . .




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