Small Business SEO

For small business SEO can be too expensive to be realistic. But there is hope!

The way to do it is to learn how yourself or have someone in your business learn it.

There’s nothing better than being found # 1 on a search engine when someone is looking for someone who does what you do! If you can’t pay to have it done, learn how – your business depends on it.

(The number one listing on the search results gets 34% of the clicks – # 2 thru # 10 share the rest!)

Small Business SEO – The “How To”

The first thing I want to tell you is that it’s not that hard to learn! And don’t let me hear the excuse that you’re too old and that’s for the young “techies”. I had no clue a few months ago and I learned it and I’m 65! No age excuses allowed!

Small Business SEO – “Results”

In case you can’t read the text below – the search phrase was “marketing strategy simplified”. Check it out yourself in Google or Yahoo.

In this example, I was already ranked # 4 in Google after a couple weeks, but just for fun, I decided to check Yahoo today. I haven’t even been on Yahoo for over a year, but was curious to see if I get ranked on Google where I might be on Yahoo. What a surprise! I’m ranked both # 1 and # 3! I guess what works on Google works on Yahoo too!

small business SEO results on Yahoo

Small Business SEO – “Another Result”

Obviously being excited about that result, I decided to try another, more competitive search phrase – “Rank Better On Google” of all things . . . to see how Yahoo ranked that . . .

I guess what works on one works on another search engine even if they are direct competitors!

3-25-13 yahoo rank on google

So, how did I learn how to do this quickly?

I learned how to do this from Rob Fore and his training on the Empower Network. The cool thing is that if you buy his training on Empower, you get the rest of his training for free from him personally.

Lastly, I, one of the newest to learn this will be glad to help you on the phone or by email to get to where I am.

You may find that helpful if you are clueless about how to do this and need someone who understand where you are because I was there a few months ago myself.

My recommendations for you are:

1. Sign up for Empower Network here. Understand the $25/month is just for the blog platform, the training you need to learn SEO is called the “15K Formula”. Once you have joined, login to your back office and buy that.

2. When you buy all the Empower training and you get all Rob’s training free!

3. Once you own those trainings, I’m glad to help you one-on-one for as much time as you need to get it right. This is an awesome deal. I paid $35K a few years back for marketing training that was not even close to this.

Questions, call me at 720-890-8760.

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