Simple Web Sites Are Coming Soon

Simple web sites are coming soon – probably as soon as the end of this month (September).

So why should you care?

Here’s why.

When web sites become so simple to update and add content to that anyone can do it from their phone, we will be moving into an entirely new level of making the Internet usable by anyone who has a smart phone – no computer needed.

Individuals will be able to have simple web sites for their hobbies, interests or family stuff just for fun.

Businesses will be able to have dozens of simple web sites – each one targeted to a specific target market. Marketing people can add audios, videos, photos and text from their phones. Show or demo new products.

If you are an Internet marketer, why not offer to help clients set these up? Remember if you join Empower – especially through our team, you make 100% commission. You are now getting to the point of having your own web hosting company with ongoing monthly income forever . . .

Here’s the link to the video from Empower showing both the income possibilities as well as doing some demos to show you how easy this will be to use.

How Businesses Might Use These Simple Web Sites: simple web sites

  • A realtor could create video tours of a property they want to sell – make a new site for each property, update as needed and take down after sold
  • An artist could show photos of all their work and sell it from the site
  • A charity could show video and photos from their all events and fund raise 24/7
  • A pet rescue could show all the animals up for adoption and remove each after adopted
  • A school club could have a site where all the members could add content
  • Any organization¬†could create a crowd sharing site and decide who they choose to allow to add content

Think of ways you can use this technology in your business – I’ll bet you think of dozens more ideas. Call me at 720-890-8760 or email if you’d like to discuss . . .

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