Recommended resources that I use:

Just so you know, I never recommend anything I have not used myself and had work for me. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do make a commission on most, but not all, of these if you buy through my links.  It is the same price whether you do or don’t.

If you do sign up with any of these tools, I recommend that you sign up as an affiliate for any product or service you use and like so you can make commissions too.

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Great Internet Marketing Tools

Click Funnels – Very powerful marketing funnel system created by Russell Brunson.  I use it to create funnels with multiple pages all linked together and tracked.  I also use this for webinar registration pages and even sales letters.

Social Monkee – very easy to use link building tool – very cheap too – $47/year to promote 3 blog posts per day to get 100 backlinks

Automated Article Writing & Posting Software  (Article Builder) This software writes articles for you on the topics you chose, adds photos, sidebar comments and even videos.  I’ve used it to post 679 posts to a blog (4 posts per day) without ever writing or even reading my own posts . . .  If you’re lazy like me, this is for you! 

WordPress Plugin to do surveys and get more optins  Go to this page of my site to see how this works.

Autoresponder  If you are going to be marketing online, you need an autoresponder to send out automated email sequences and email broadcasts to your list.  This is the one I recommend and use – very inexpensive and they give you a free trial too.

Web Hosting – (Host Monster) These guys are super cheap and their customer service is amazing – I can call them and get a real person who fixes my problems even if it takes 30 minutes to do it.  Pretty amazing a company that charges less than $10/month to host unlimited sites can pull that off.

The Best Keyword Research Tool – (SECockpit) not cheap but does so many things no other tool does.  Make sure to join their affiliate program if you buy so that yours will be free once you refer a few more.

Another Good Keyword Tool – one time purchase, not a subscription (Market Samurai) I use the free Google keyword tool, SECockpit and Market Samurai – each does things a little differently so I like using all 3.  Market Samurai has a free trial so you can check it out.

Webcam – I really like the Logitech webcam I bought at Amazon.  I got mine for only $50 and it’s made a big difference in video quality.  It plugs in to a USB port so you can take it with you on your laptop.  Click the link above to see my review.