Proof That It Works!

I posted yesterday the importance of sending out a couple follow up emails to those who didn’t open your first broadcast email.

I normally try to keyword optimize all my posts – as you should as well – but – I thought this was so cool, I just needed to send it to you without any optimization . . .

4-19-13 post

In case you can’t read the aweber tracking chart, here’s what it says:

Email # 1 – got 54 opens – 7.4% of emails mailed
Email # 2 – got 27 opens – 3.9% of emails sent
Email # 3 – got 44 opens – 6.1% of emails sent

What this means is:

My first email got 7.4% of the people on my list to open it, but the two follow up emails sent to people who had not opened the earlier emails got a total of 10.0% opens – more than double the first email!

This means that if you follow what I told you in the prior post, you can get over twice as many people to read your email!

I feel so stupid not to have figured this out before!  What an easy way to double your opens and response.




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