Keyword Tips For Non-Techies

For everyone out there who is not an Internet expert or guru, the entire world of Internet marketing, keyword research and so on can be quite overwhelming and you can be tempted to just give up.

It’s not really that hard – especially if you use the tools available.

Keyword Tips – What You Need To Know

What is a keyword?

Keywords are the terms you want to be found on when someone goes online and does a search. If you are not found when someone searches for someone who does what you do, you will get no sales or leads online. In fact, if you are not in the top 10 results (first page) of the search results, you have wasted your time.

What is keyword research?

Before you publish anything online – in either a blog post or on a web page, it pays to make sure people are searching for what it is you sell. In fact, I recommend you do this before even creating a product or service to sell. It’s a great way to do market research BEFORE you create a product or service!

The best free tool is the Google Keyword Tool. You can put in a keyword and it will recommend up to 800 more keywords and also tell you how many searches there are for each term and how competitive it will be to get on the first page of search results.

To get the full power of the Google tool, set up a free Google Ad Words account. That allows you to get the full search results and without having to put in that annoying “captcha” to prove you are human, not a robot. (I don’t know about you, but I find these captchas very difficult to figure out – and there is software that is more human than we are that can do it automatically!)

How to interpret the results?

The Google tool is great to find out if anyone wants what you are selling, but to find out more about the competition, there are two tools I recommend. I use both.
Market Samurai is the cheapest paid tool as it is a one time fee. It will let you know how it is to get ranked on a keyword and also keep track of how your web sites/pages are doing in the rankings.

For the best info, there is another tool called SEcockpit. This tool is more expensive but gives you a lot more info and does it quicker.

All in all, if you want to make money online, you will need to learn some stuff about how to do it. My recommended resource for that is the Empower Network. I bought all their training and even though I’ve been a marketer for 30 years, I learned a lot I didn’t know. In fact, I’d been doing my online marketing all wrong even though it used to work . . .

Feel free to call me anytime to discuss – I really like to help people to shorten your learning curve!

Joe McVoy



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