I Found The EASY Button!


easy button

I’ve always said there is no “easy” button to making money.

Guess I was



wrong . . .

There is a 9 year old company in Europe coming here to North America that has a system for making money that I’m sure you are going to love.

You get paid to shop!

This is not an MLM or traditional type company. Here are a few bullet points about it.

1. It is FREE to join

2. There are NO monthly, annual or any other kinds of fees.

3. You make money by shopping at participating retailers. And these are not small stores you have never heard of.

Retailers you can get paid to shop at include,



Home Depot,



Outback Steak and hundreds more.

You can also make money by shopping online at over 7,000 web stores.

Now don’t misunderstand me, this is not a simple loyalty program that pays you 1% on your own shopping . . .

Well, actually it is, but there are 9 more ways to get paid and tiny commissions on your own purchases are the smallest.

One way is that when you refer other free members, you get paid on their shopping, and the people they refer’s shopping and so on. The big dollars come from when you are getting paid on the shopping done by hundreds of other free members.

How hard should it be to sell a free program than deposits money in your bank account?

I think that even I might be able to “sell” that!

If you are willing to take the time to watch a few videos that explain the details, email me back and I’ll send you the URL’s with the passwords.


This is so new, I have to sign up free members with you one-on-one with the phone and web site. The sign up process will be more automated by mid-August, but why not start now and be getting paid on dozens or hundreds of people by then?

Let me know if you think it’s worth it to watch a few videos about this . . .

Warmest Regards,


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