How To Web Optimize Your Videos

web optimize your videos
So why would you want to web optimize your videos? There are three reasons:

Reason # 1 To Web Optimize Your Videos

Optimizing them, which essentially means making them smaller without noticeable degradation in quality, will make them upload faster and save you a lot of time.  This is especially cool since you can do it quickly with a piece of free software called “Handbrake”.

Reason # 2 To Web Optimize Your Videos

When you do this and make them smaller before you upload to YouTube or anywhere else, they will stream better for users with slower Internet connections.  If you have ever seen videos stop and start, it’s very annoying and can be prevented by this simple process.

Reason # 3 To Web Optimize Your Videos

Do you want your videos to stream properly on iPhones, iPads and other hand held devices?  Make them smaller and they will.  Since mobile access to the Internet and even videos is growing fast and is the way many people access your content these days, this is the best reason of all!

Here’s How To Do It:

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