Wouldn’t you like it if you could make your competitor’s advertising and marketing invisible? It would be much easier to get sales then, wouldn’t it?

With all the advertising exposures we’re exposed to every day, our brains deal with it by ignoring anything that isn’t important and relevant to us at that time. Here’s an example you can probably relate to.

Think back to the last time you were getting ready to buy a car. You probably noticed all the TV ads, newspaper ads, Auto Trader magazines and everywhere else car advertising appears. You were in the market to buy a car, so all those advertising messages were important and relevant to you.

What happened after you bought the car? Did you notice any more car ads? You weren’t in the market any more so the ads became invisible to you.

So what does this have to do with making your competitor’s ads invisible?


If you can develop a trusting relationship with your customers so that they already know where they’ll go next time they need your product or service, then they won’t even notice any of your competitor’s advertising or marketing.

So how do you do this?

By doing the thing you’re probably not doing now – keeping in touch with your customers to build and strengthen your relationship with them. Did you know the biggest reason people or businesses change suppliers is not the product quality, price or even service, it’s because they don’t feel appreciated?

You can show appreciation for your customers by sending them birthday cards, holiday cards, and making personal contact on the phone. When was the last time any business you do business with communicated with you personally?

In all the years I’ve been doing marketing consulting, I’ve never seen any client who understood this or kept in touch with their customers anywhere near as often as they should. They typically only think about getting new customers and spend all their money there, ignoring the customers they already have, and losing them along the way.

Whenever I tell clients to do this, the objection I always get is that it’s too time consuming and although business owners understand the need to keep in touch with their customers, they just don’t do it.

The good news is that there is now technology that can do this for you. You can send out handwritten greeting cards with your own message and signature automatically to your customers for only $1.01 each, and that includes the stamp.

To learn the details, go to

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