How To Get A Billionaire To Call You

Now, I know you might be thinking, why would I want to do that?

Well, wouldn’t you think if you could get a billionaire to call you, that whatever method that took might also work on your customers and prospects?

But first, a little background…

One of the services that we offer is an automated system that sends out handwritten “Hallmark Quality” greeting cards and gifts in the postal mail.

You do NOT need to use this system to implement this strategy, but I bring it up because this story is about someone who does use the system and probably would never have tried this approach at all had he not been involved.

This guy sells a fractional jet ownership service to very rich people who don’t want the hassles and expenses of buying and maintaining their own $10 or $20 million jet.

What his service does is sell a partial ownership to these rich people so that if they want to go somewhere they can call up and have the jet take them wherever they want to go without the expense of full time jet ownership.

I don’t know about you, but not a service I’ve ever used myself…..

Naturally, with most of his customers being billionaires, he has never talked to any of them because he deals with their personal assistants or other staff.

Billionaires don’t have the time or interest in making their own fight arrangements – even if it is by private jet…

So, here’s what he did.

He sent each of his 20 billionaire clients a personal, handwritten greeting card along with a box of home-made brownies.

It’s important to understand, and actually it critical to the success of this approach, that the message in the card was one of appreciation of them and their business.

There was no sales pitch involved, no “call to action” asking them to do anything, but just honest appreciation for their business.

So what happened?

3 of those billionaires called this guy personally to thank him for the brownies!

He had never talked to any of them before but the unexpected gift and sincere appreciation resulted in 3 calling him personally to thank him.

I can’t stress enough that if you do this, you should be thinking of giving and showing appreciation, not of getting something back.

You are expressing sincere appreciation and giving a gift without the expectation of getting anything in return.

In reality, the good will you’ll get – even if you don’t get a call back, will more than pay back the cost many times.

Bottom line, even a billionaire can be impressed by an unexpected, thoughtful gesture. Do this in your business and build your relationship with your customers so they never leave you.

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