How To Get 300 Backlinks Per Day For $4 Per Month

How To Get 300 Backlinks Per Day

This video is about how to get 300 backlinks per day for $4 Per Month.

If you used this tool daily, that’s 9,000 backlinks in a month for a cost of $4.00,  I can’t imagine anything cheaper than that.

The purpose of backlinks is to make your blog post rank better in the search engines and be easier for people to find.

Why bother doing blog posts at all if no one ever sees them?

That’s why we use tools like this to help us get found.

The link to get your copy of Social Monkee is here.

You’ll also need a spinner to spin your headline and description. There are plenty of good paid ones, but there’s also a free one that is good enough for this. It’s called the “Best Free Spinner“.  For a little more explanation of spinning, for this backlink building, you are just spinning a few words in the headline and one or two sentences in the description.

The purpose of spinning is to create different copies of the text so you avoid any penalties from search engines for duplicate content.  I also like to make sure the copy reads well for human visitors and it’s not hard to do when you only have a headline and a sentence or two of description.

Essentially all a spinner does is substitute various synonyms when creating the content to post.  I like to read/edit what it comes up with since sometimes it makes no sense.  I show you some of that in the video.

Social Monkee distributes bookmarks in a trickle fashion over a number of days so the links all seem natural to the search engines.  You can choose how fast and how many sites, but I always go for the max sites and the slower distribution.

Just FYI, I was using another tool to do this – which is probably better – but it cost $497 per month!  I like $4 better!  So now you know how to get 300 backlinks per day for $4 per month.  Any questions, just call or email me – always glad to help!

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