Top 20 FAQ Videos List

Here is a list of the top 20 questions I get asked about the Empower Network and our prosperity Team.  I made a short video for you to explain each answer.  Each link will take you directly to that video so you can watch them in any order you choose.

1.  What is the Empower Network & the Prosperity Team?

2. Is the Empower Network a Scam?

3. What are the products we sell?

4.  Isn’t the market already saturated?  Isn’t it too late now?

5.  How can the company pay 100% commissions and continue to operate?

6.  Can a Newbie actually make money here?

7.  How much can I make?

8. How long does it take to make any money?

9. How does the comp plan work?

10. Why do I need to be “all in”?

11. How do I keep from being overwhelmed by all the training materials?

12. Why should I use the “done-for-you” marketing funnels?

13. What is the daily assignment and why should I do it?

14. What is an “over-the-shoulder” webinar and why should I attend?

15. What is the mindset call and why be on it?

16. Why should I participate in the traffic co-op program?

17. Why should I use the PBAs?

18. Why lead with the kits instead of selling Empower directly?

19. What is the leadership council and how do I get on it?

20. Why join Empower Network/Prosperity Team and why with me?

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