The Truth About Empower Network Reviews

The truth about Empower Network Reviews
With all the online hype about the Empower Network lately, I thought I’d give you a different viewpoint than the other Empower Network Reviews I’ve seen.

Most reviews I’ve seen have been written by either affiliate marketers or network marketers.

While I’ve been successful in both those areas too, I also have a different perspective because I founded and built a direct mail company and also several companies that sold many millions of dollars of children’s products to Walmart, Target and thousands of other retailers.

As a direct marketer, people come to me all the time for help in selling their products by direct response, on the Internet or in stores.

Many times what people are trying to do has no chance of working and I’m able to help people to see whether that is true for their product or not before they spend any money.

 What You Won’t See In Other Empower Network Reviews

Here’s my simple formula for determining whether your product or service can be sold online or by direct response.

Calculate  how much profit you make on a sale.  If your product has ongoing income, like a subscription, then make an assumption about how long the average customer will keep buying from you.  If your product is one that will be getting frequent reorders, do the same estimate.

Look up online how many people are searching for what you want to sell – you can use the Google free keyword tool (Search for “Google Free Keyword Tool” and you’ll find it easily).

Decide how much you are willing to pay to get a customer.  If you have a product line or a product with ongoing  orders, it might make sense even to lose money on the first sale to get the future sales from the customer.

Now, some math.  Estimate what percent of the people who go to your web site will either opt in or buy.  The higher the price the lower the response will usually be.  If your process will require an opt in and then an additional action of going to a sales page, you need to take that into account.  For example, if 10% of the people who come to your page opt in, and then 10% of those buy, that means 1% of your web site visitors buy.

Take the profit you calculated above and divide it by 100 and then you have the most you can pay to get a web site visitor without losing money.

For example, you are selling a Clickbank e-book for $39 that pays a $29 commission.  It is a one time sale, so there is no future income from the sale.  Dividing $29 by 100, you come up with the most you can pay to get a web site visitor is 29 cents – and that’s to break even, if you want a profit, even less than that.

Back to Google – check to see what you would have to pay to get a visitor with Google Ad Words.  It will probably be at least several dollars, so you know without spending any money that that method has no chance of working!

So you think you will just get free traffic from the search engines.  We’ll see.

Using tools like Market Samurai or SEcockpit you can find out how competitive a keyword will be to get ranked for.  Note that over 80% of web traffic comes from the top 10 search engine results, so if your site is not in the top 10, you are wasting your time – and it’s actually worse than that.  Check out this chart:

 As you can see from this chart, 42% of the visits on a search result go to the # 1 ranked listing and 12% to the # 2 listing.  So based on the competitiveness, what will it take to get those spots?

So how does all this apply to the Empower Network Reviews?

While you can see from the above Clickbank example, it will be very difficult to make any money.  However, with Empower Network, you do not have a single one time buy product, you have 5 products:

  • A $25/month subscription
  • A $100/month subscription
  • A $500 one time purchse
  • A $1,000 one time purchase
  • And a one time $3,500 purchase

So, when you consider a customer both provides you with an ongoing stream of income as well as back-end high ticket sales, you can afford to pay much more to get a customer!

In fact, my stats are that a single $25 customer is worth $678 to me!

So that means I could actually pay $100 to get a $25 customer and come out just fine.  That’s why I am in Empower Network and recommend you join too!  Click Here to join now.

On top of the awesome opportunity, should you decide to join our team, you get access to the Empower Network University and some incredible bonuses.  See our team bonuses here.


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