Dine-In Delivery – Start A Restaurant Meal Delivery Service

Dine-In Delivery

The Dine-In Delivery opportunity is an inexpensive license opportunity you can start and own for MUCH LESS than a franchise.

And, since the Dine-In Delivery start up cost is low and there are no royalties to pay on sales, your return on investment is higher than a franchise and you can get to positive cash flow in months instead of years.

Why Dine-In Delivery Instead Of a Franchise?

  • You can run the business from home, no expensive location needed
  • You can be open taking orders for $20K or Less
  • Your costs are all variable, no high fixed costs like a franchise
  • Your break-even point is much lower
  • Your gross profit margins are 50% higher than franchises in the same business
  • No accounts receivable, no inventory
  • Gain instant credibility by dealing with national chain restaurants everyone knows

The Dine-In Delivery Market

National Restaurant Association surveys have shown that the restaurant meal delivery business is the most underserved segment of the $583 Billion restaurant industry.  83% of all households would order from their favorite restaurant to be delivered if they could, but only 7% of all households can.

Not only that, but American Express has recommended to all restaurants that take their card, that they should be using a restaurant meal delivery service to maximize their profits.

So you can provide a service already in demand in your area where no one provides it now.

To get the full details, click here to go to the Dine-In Delivery corporate web site where you can get the details.

Openings For Dine-In Delivery National Developers

Where franchises charge the big bucks to become an Area or National Developer, the Dine-In Delivery offers that opportunity at no extra charge to their operators.

Understand that you do not have to operate at all, you can resell your “review” to someone else and recover your entire investment.  You will have then become an Area Developer or National Developer at no cost to you.

Click here for more details on being a Dine-In Delivery National Developer.

Or call me at any time at 720-890-8760 and I’ll go over the details with you on the phone personally.



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