Cured From Cancer In 3 Minutes

Cured from cancer in 3 minutes – a true story from China scientifically verified.  If you, or anyone you know, has cancer, then watch this video carefully and look up the other videos on this subject from the same author on YouTube.

This is a life changing video – at about 7 minutes in, he describes how a woman was cured from cancer in 3 minutes in Chia by three doctors using techniques totally unknown here in the West.

I am not selling anything in this video, I just wanted to pass this on to anyone who might need it.

The video explains why “affirmations” don’t work – the science behind affirmations and how to make them work for you – the video explains why what you are doing now doesn’t work and how to make them work for you quickly.

Being a “Spock” (the logical Vulcan in Star Trek) type personality myself, following logic, I can relate to the speaker as he was also trained in the physical sciences. When he starts talking about quantum physics and quantum technology being relevant at a personal, not only an atomic level, I get it.

Don’t be intimidated by my language, he is totally understandable to anyone, not only those trained in science. . .

The video is 29 minutes long, but very thought provoking.

Other cultures – in China, Tibet, India, and many other countries outside the US have understood this for over two thousand years . . .

It’s time for us to catch up.

After watching this, I know, if I had cancer, I’d be on a plane to see those doctors in Beijing before taking another dose of chemo . . .
cured from cancer

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