Create Animated Videos Like This for $1.00

animated video

Create animated videos is simple with this service.

If you want to publish and distribute them you need an account, but it’s only $18 for 3 months of unlimited videos. This is a video I made in a few minutes promoting Empower Network. What do you want to promote?

People love to watch videos and we are all conditioned to love cartoons.  And, don’t know about you, but my cartoon version is a good 40 years younger so I’m going for it!

All you need to do is pick your background and characters and then pick your text and they do the rest! Very cool and fun!

Everybody likes watching cartoons and the characters are much better looking than an old bald guy too . . .

Here’s the link to where I found this service – and no, I am not an affiliate so I make no money by referring you – just my way of helping you with your marketing!

Here’s the link to the business mentioned in the video.  Here also is the income disclosure.  Check out the income disclosure for the business mentioned here.  There is no guarantee of making any money, it will depend on your own effort.

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