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Webinar Replay – New Income Source For Local Businesses

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Although this webinar is talking to photographers, it applies to any kind of local business.  It describes a new income source for local businesses.

The system described in the webinar is an automated referral creation system.  Any business can use the 10 strategies discussed to grow their business by referral, and make a side income by sharing the automated system with other businesses and individuals.

If you are interested in the service described in the webinar, contact me at or call/text 303-884-0859

You can also go to my page for this system, which is called Send Out Cards, by going to  There is a video at the very bottom of the page describing the system and the opportunity.

As mentioned in the webinar you can participate for no cost at all, although you will make more money if you make a small investment.

Get Paid To Shop – Join For FREE

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

get paid to shop

Get paid to shop at these and hundreds more retailers – online and offline.

This is not a typical reward program that limits how much you can make or where you can shop. This program pays you cash back but not only on your own shopping.

You get paid to shop for yourself but also for those you refer and those those people refer.

Over and over.

So while getting a small cash back reward on your shopping might not amount to much, what if you tell your friends and they tell their friends and so on, you could be getting paid on the shopping of hundreds or even thousands of people, and that can add up.

Instead of trying to sell somebody something, this program is free so even those of us who suck at selling can do it!

You can sign up for free here.

Recently one member actually bought a new Mercedes from a merchant member – now that adds up your cash back quickly. But, on top of that, the person who signed up that person also got paid and so did the person who signed them up.

What if you have a business?

Just a few weeks ago, one member I signed up plans to buy all his gas for his business through this program. Contractors and home improvement professionals spend thousands every week on supplies. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s are members so why not get an extra discount on top of their contractor discount?

There are also programs specifically for businesses. To find out about them, sign up here for a free account first.

One friend of mine owns a restaurant.  Here’s what he will be doing . . .

His restaurant will become a merchant member under his personal account.  Then, he will have the wait staff tell every customer they can save X% off their bill if they sign up for the free membership.  He will end up with hundreds or thousands of direct sign ups after a few months and he’ll be getting paid on all the shopping all those people do – groceries, gas, clothes, travel and even when they eat at a competitor!

And, when all those people tell others, he’ll get paid on their shopping too.

So, why not get paid to shop?  You are going to buy gas, groceries, travel and other products and services anyway, why not turn those expenses into revenue generating assets?





Why People Fail At Network Marketing Or Internet Marketing

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Network marketing and Internet marketing have something in common that causes people to fail at them:

Not enough leads

Network marketers run out of people to talk to after their warm market and Internet marketers frequently have no traffic to their offers.  The solution to both is the same.  It’s called a:

Funded Proposal

What that means is that you initially sell a product or service your target market wants and then, once you have them as a customer you build a relationship of trust with them and then you can offer them your other products and services.  Since, something like 99% of all network marketers and Internet marketers are failing or not making much money, there’s a big market.

So, how do you find out what they want?  Where do you get that product?  And, how do you sell it to them?

We’ve done the research, found out the keywords people are searching for, and created the product to sell them.  On top of that we have complete marketing funnels so that once someone enters your funnel, the system takes them along the process until they buy.  To check it out go to:

put in your email and then watch the video that comes up.  Let me know if you have any questions about the system.




Frustrated With – Or Hate MLM? This Is Better.

Monday, November 21st, 2011

If you have ever been in an MLM and not made money, or just don’t like MLMs, check this out!

To make money in an MLM you need to build a big team who need to continually buy the product and not quit.

What I am going to tell you about here is completely different and is a totally new concept launched only 3 weeks ago.

It’s a One Level Affiliate program.

Now, affiliate programs have been around online forever, but not with a structure like this one.

It pays 100% commissions!

When I watched their first video, it seemed like hype to me and I also wondered how they could ever afford to pay out 100% and exist themselves.

But, after watching all their videos, now I understand and will explain all the details to you if you like.

What really convinced me to join is that a friend of mine, Rob Fore, joined 2 weeks ago and has already made $17,000.

Now, he had a list to promote to so I don’t expect to duplicate that and neither should you.

So what is this and how does it work?

It’s a done-for-you viral marketing platform that includes done-for-you marketing and up-selling funnels.

You can join for as little as little as $25 per month. You get your own marketing funnel and web sites and you could promote this without ever going online just by telling people about it and giving them your URL.

Find one other person who likes it too and you make $25 per month.

But, you can make much more – watch the video here to get the details:

The company, the Empower Network, has only been open for three weeks and they have already paid out $858,000 in commissions and had 7,000 people join.

People are now joining at the rate of 400 per day.

Opt in at my landing page here (you will have one just like it), watch the video and let me know what you think.

PS The conversion ratios in their marketing funnel are insane! 25% of people who watch the first video join. 50% of those accept the $100/month upsell, and 30% of those take the second one time $500 upsell.

PPS As of a few days ago, they now set up internationally so anyone can participate anywhere in the world.

PPPS Because I never recommend anything I wouldn’t buy myself, just know I bought in at the highest level.