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Do You Have A Local Business?

Friday, August 19th, 2016

local business

So, do you have a local business?

I have a really cool opportunity for your business and I wanted to just reach out to see who might be interested.

This last weekend I was on the phone with a private client, working on his marketing, and he brought up an idea that I found both profound and interesting.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners learn by what I call “rapid tweaking.”

They try something, fail, adjust accordingly, try something, fail, adjust. . . etcetera.

This is how I’ve built my businesses for most of my last 30 years as an entrepreneur. Until I found a better way.

What if it was possible to learn from somebody else’s painful (and costly) mistakes? What if, instead of losing money and years of business growth doing marketing incorrectly, you could invest a small amount of money and accelerate your business growth?

I’ve hired dozens of coaches over the years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning (through trial and error) what works, and what doesn’t.

Now I’m looking at putting together a program that will take you through the last 30 years of my experience at warp-speed – and I really want to know if this is something you could benefit from.

This week, I’ll opening up a few spots on my calendar to do marketing strategy sessions.

These are custom “breakthrough” marketing consults for local business owners who want more customers, better marketing, and fast results…

I can’t guarantee how much longer any spots will be open, but I can tell you this:

If you want the next 3 months to look different than the last 3 months, and you see an opportunity in talking together, book your spot here before they’re gone.

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again anytime soon.

Book a time to talk with me here:

Talk soon!

– Joe

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The Top 10 Marketing Tips For Photographers In 2016

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

I just finished a new free report: The Top 10 Marketing Tips For Photographers In 2016.  Click on the image and download it now.

the top 10 marketing tips for photographers in 2016

The tips in this report apply to almost any business, not just photographers, although there is one tip especially for them.

If your business would benefit from more referrals, these tips will help you too.  Check it out and let me know if you found it helpful.

We all need to improve our customer retention and get prospects to know, like and trust us so that they will do business with us when they are ready.

The marketing tips in this report do exactly that.

They explain why you lose 68% of the customers who don’t stay with you and it explains what to do about that.

One strategy discussed made the guy who thought of it $78 Million dollars and cost nothing to implement.

I also mention an automation tool that can do a lot of this for you.

If you would like any help in implementing these tips in your business, give me a call at 720-890-8760 or email me at




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Kudos To The Lizard . . .

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

geico lizard
I normally would NEVER write a testimonial to any business on my blog . . .

And, it’s beyond comprehension that it would be to praise an INSURANCE company????

Here’s why . . .

There’s a lesson here from a big-ass company that all us little businesses can actually learn from.

The company is Geico – hence the headline about the lizard . . .

Here’s what happened . . .

After a totally frustrating day, being totally stymied with technological glitches and further confirmation of my lack of technological skills . . .

It was 9 PM and I decided to try to get the “renter’s” insurance I’m supposed to have after hearing my ex, Jeanette, tell me about how her daughter’s dog sitter stole all her valuables and jewelry . . .

Since I have my car insurance with Geico, I figured I’d start with them . . .

As expected, the web site led me into the dark morass of insurance . . .

Since the site didn’t answer my questions – how could it? – I clicked on “contact us”!

Of course, my computer, a Mac, tried to open up Microsoft Outlook to let me send them an email.

Of course, that didn’t work, so I went through the usual 5 steps to stop Microsoft from taking over my computer . . .

The questionnaire wanted to know what my building was made of – no idea – what kind of heat I had – again, no idea.   I was totally prepared for another typical insurance./banking experience . . .

But then, the system gave me a phone number – answered from 7 AM – 1 AM????  18 hours/day?

I couldn’t believe it, so, even though it was 9 PM at night, I called the number on the East Coast . . .

A nice guy actually answered the phone after I went through a totally reasonable automated menu asking me what type of insurance I wanted or whether I was filing a claim . . .

After getting my name, he already knew my address and the fact that I had an auto policy with them . . .

We talked – he actually asked me what I wanted???? – and I told him my story and he listened????

What’s happening here – a big company listening to me  . . .

It can’t be . . .

I told him I had no idea what my building was made of – brick, block, alien materials, or what.  He said – no problem – he looked it up in his database – powered by Google I’m sure – and he told me more about my building than I knew . . . He saw that I was in a 4 story building on a golf course . . .

I made the mistake – I thought – of telling him I had a business in my home – online, of course.

That created another batch of questions and I also told him I was certifiably old and asked for any AARP discounts, he laughed and said he’d check.

He also had questions about how much I made and I pitched him on joining my business – which he said I could send him info on separately . . .  No idea if he’s really interested, but it doesn’t really matter – he listened to me and responded accordingly!!!

Then, he asked me to hold and then he checked a bunch of affiliated insurance companies and came back with a price . . .

30% lower than any I’d been quoted before – $40K of renter’s insurance for $10/month . . .

Absolutely amazing!

Who can say they’ve had an enjoyable conversation with an insurance agent selling them insurance.  In my entire life, I’ve never had that happen – and, as I said, I’m old!

Warren Buffet owns Geico – the dude knows what he’s doing – and it passes all the way down to the customer – kudos to Geico and kudos to Warren Buffet.

So, long story, not so short, there’s a lesson here for all of us.

Customer service is king.

Do a good job of that and after someone gives you money, they will tell their friends about it!  Just like I’m doing here.  What’s it worth to you for a customer to spend an hour or more posting unsolicited positive info about your company online?

Do you want people doing that about your business?

Well, be good at what you do and make sure you stay good at what you do, and it will happen . . .

I have systems for local business to do just that without a billion dollar budget.  Contact me and I’ll help you to do it.

To Your Success,


Profitable Marketing Systems, LLC
690 S Alton Way # 4C
Denver, CO 80247


How’s Your Tiger Repellant Working For You?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Tiger repellant is a must for anyone venturing outside their home.  Do you have some?  It’s available for only $19.95 at . . .

What does tiger repellant have to do with marketing?

Guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out 😉


Best Deal Ever – I’ll Bring You A 10X1 Return Or I’m FREE

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


Here’s a very simple offer –

If you let me help you with your business, I’ll bring you 10X more revenue than I cost you or my services are free.

So, what do you have to lose?

Call me and discuss it you want more business at 720-890-8770. Online business or off, that’s OK. After you fill out my 2 minute survey, I’ll let you know once I get it whether I can help you.

You will need to email me at to get the survey to fill out.

I have helped clients – or my own companies – get an additional billion dollars of sales, so what do you have to lose?


PS  Call me and I’ll explain how – or email me for my quick survey – I can’t help everyone and that’s why I need you to fill out my 2 minute survey.  Call/email now.



4 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From You

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

There are only 4 reasons why people don’t buy from you.  Here’s what they are and what you can do about each one.

The 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From You

Here’s how to deal with each of the 4 reasons why people don’t buy from you.

1. They don’t know or trust you

The best way to build trust with people who don’t know you is to start by giving them stuff for free and by helping them, not trying to sell something.  Once you have built a relationship with them this way, they will begin to like and trust you and then you can sell them something later on.

Additionally, it’s an excellent idea to use videos of yourself so they feel they know you that way too.  I have people tell me they feel them know me very well even though we’ve never met and that’s because of video.

2. They don’t want what you are selling

Well, not everyone is a customer – or – you might have targeted the wrong market or you might not have explained what your product is or does for them.  If they do have your ideal customer profile, then work on how you communicate your benefits or maybe hire a copywriter to do it if you are not skilled in that area.

3. They don’t want what you are selling more than what they would have to give up to get it.

Refer to # 2 above.  If the reason is price, and your positioning is not as the lowest price alternative, you need to sell the “reason why” your product is different/better.  This is not only facts and figures, but emotional reasons.  People buy based on emotion and justify their purchase with logic.  So if you’re going to buy that Ferrari, you will have all the facts and figures about it’s awesome performance and handling, but your wife will probably see through all that and realize you just want to impress other women . . .

4. They don’t believe you

If you make outrageous claims about your product or service, be prepared to prove each one.  I liken this to proving a case in court.  You want an overwhelming amount of evidence proving every point you make so that they will realize there is really no option other than to buy from you.

There is a second piece to this too.  If you are selling a business opportunity, you may convince someone that yes many people have made tons of money with it.  But, they may not think it’s really possible for them.  That is where smart marketers use video testimonials from people in all walks of life in hopes that you will identify with at least one of them and believe you can do it too.

So that’s a quick summary of the 4 reasons why people don’t buy from you and what to do about it.  If you want more comprehensive training with a lot of free content, go to our marketing team’s web site and sign up for only $25.  You will get an impressive amount of free bonus material just for joining our team.

To learn about our complete product line and the income opportunity that accompanies it, click here.