Amazon Updates Their Affiliate Program


Amazon has updated their affiliate program, or as they call it, their associate program.  If you are not familiar with it, the Amazon program is a way for web site owners and bloggers to put banners or links on their sites to make commissions when someone clicks on them and buys.

The primary change they made was to eliminate the tiered commissions.  Previously, your commission on most products depended on how many orders can through your affiliate code in a given month.  Now it appears that is gone and the rates are fixed by the product category.


This is what the page looks like when you go to sign up.  Click on the image to go there.


amazon affiliate page


Here is the chart showing the commission rate by product category.  If you want to participate go to the amazon associates page and read their operating agreement.  There are many pitfalls to watch out for to avoid getting your account shut down.



Lastly, here is what a banner on a page might look like.   There are hundreds to chose from – product categories or even individual products if you choose.

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